America’s Growing Socially Liberal Trend

Over the past decade, the citizens of the United States have developed a very clear, and very growing liberal trend. While this trend permiates nearly every aspect of the political spectrum, there is very clear concensus especially on socially liberal views. Analyzing all of the major data, this trend began in the mid to late 1990s, and has grown even stronger over the past 5 years since 2009.

How America views themselves:


Single Parent: Increasing Moral Acceptance of Children out of wedlock:


Abortion: Increasing position on Pro Choice:


Death Penalty: Decreasing Favorability of Death Penalty:


Gays: Homosexuality is Natural, not environment


Gays: Strong Support for Gay Marriage


Euthanasia: Growing Support for doctor assisted suicide


Marijuana: Legalizing Marijuana


Religion: Dramatic Rise in unaffiliated Religious Beliefs


Update: Polling trend on various social issues

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  1. If all of this is correct, then how is it possible to have elected a GOP majority government whose members actively oppose these beliefs?

    My answer would be that either the terms (liberal/conservative) are far more ambiguous in voter’s minds than to those designing the polls, or that there are important additional social factors not reflected in this survey of data.

    1. Very good point. As for the GOP majority, a lot of that has to do with gerrymandering districts. In Pennsylvania, for example, and specifically in 2008-2012, more people voted for the D representative, than the R representative, in each election, but the R dominated house seats based on the way districts are drawn. I would imagine the same result in Ohio, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania. And the reverse results in New York, California, and Illinois.

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